Creating a PatentX Course

PatentX has been built in modular form, enabling teachers to customize their courses to suit their own pedagogic preferences and ambitions. Our suggestions for assembling these materials follow:

  • All PatentX courses should include the seven modules in the PatentX Core. Each of those modules contains (a) a recorded lecture (approximately 80 minutes long) that presents a major dimension of patent law and (b) a set of readings designed to juxtapose the ways in which an important issue within that dimension is handled in four jurisdictions: the United States, Europe, China, and India. Completion of the Core should provide students a solid foundation, enabling them to explore more advanced topics.
  • A course designed to explore the ways in which patent law, because of the roles it plays in the pharmaceutical industry, affects public health could, after completing the Core, include some of the Public Health modules (201-205) and perhaps Module 403, which addresses fairness in the pricing of patented products.
  • A course designed to introduce students to the hardest issues currently confronting lawmakers throughout the world might combine the Core with a set of modules drawn from the Frontiers menu (301-306) and perhaps one of the Public Health modules.
  • A course aimed at practitioners, rather than lawmakers and policymakers, would include the three modules in the Practice menu (501-503).
  • A course designed to illuminate the historical and theoretical foundations of the patent system would include the three modules in the Theory menu (401-403).

The syllabi of the PatentX courses that have been built to date are set forth below. Many other ways of putting the pieces together are possible. We welcome suggestions.