These lectures were prepared and presented by William FisherRuth OkedijiWilliam Lee, and Eric Lander. Each is available in two formats. The Vimeo version is likely to be most convenient for a user who wishes to stream the lecture or whose computer has limited storage capacity. By contrast, a user who has limited bandwidth or who wishes to retain a permanent copy of a lecture may wish instead to download the mp4 version (typically by “right clicking” on the relevant link) and then play it from his or her computer.

In the background of some of the lectures are two mind maps — one summarizing the rules governing patent law in five jurisdictions, the other summarizing theories of intellectual property. The current versions of those maps are available through the following links: Patent Law and IP Theory.

Patent Fundamentals (Fisher)

Patent Policy (Lander & Fisher)

Patentable Subject Matter (Fisher)

Utility and Disclosure (Fisher)

Newness (Fisher)

Patent Scope (Fisher)

Infringement (Fisher)

Patent Litigation (Lee)

Remedies (Fisher)

Patents in a Global Context (Okediji)

The Global Health Crisis (Fisher)

Intellectual Property and Financial Technology (Fisher)

Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge (Okediji) 

Patent Systems for Developing Countries (Okediji)