[Work in Progress; last revised January 21, 2022]

Each of the modules set forth below is intended to occupy one week of a university-level course on patent law, although they may be taught in a more compressed format. All of them presume that students have completed the PatentX Core curriculum.

Public Health

The primary purpose of this series of five modules is to provide lawmakers and policymakers in developing countries assistance when devising ways of combatting the ongoing scourges of both communicable and noncommunicable diseases. In combination with the PatentX Core, this series would be the equivalent of a one-semester university course on Intellectual Property and Public Health.

Module 201: The Global Health Crisis

Module 202: Improving Pharmaceutical Markets

Module 203: Improving Intellectual Property

Module 204: Alternative Incentive Systems

Module 205: Looking Forward

  • Three Views:
    • Preparation for the Next Pandemic (Ashish Jha) (20 minutes)
    • A Feasible Combination of Legal Reforms (Fisher) (30 minutes)
  • Reading:
    • Haochen Sun & Madhavi Sunder, “Intellectual Property, COVID-19, and the Next Pandemic: Diagnosing Problems, Developing Cures” (2022)
    • Matthew Kavanagh,  “Legal Paradigms and the Politics of Global COVID-19 Vaccine Access” (2022)
    • Sapna Kumar & Ana Santos Rutschman,  “New Licensing Avenues to Promote Public Health” (2022)


These modules address especially difficult and volatile topics concerning patent law and policy

Module 301: Artificial Intellgence

Module 302: Fintech

Module 303: Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources

Module 304: Standard Essential Patents

Module 305: Innovations in Agriculture

  • Lecture: Plant Patents (Mark Janis)


Module 401: Innovation Policy

Module 402: Cultural Theory

Module 403: Fairness

  • Lectures:
    • What Do Innovators Deserve?
    • Fair Pricing (Fisher)

Module 404: Patent Law and Human Rights

  • Lecture: Human Rights (Sunder & Sun)

Module 405: The History of Patent Law

  • Lecture: From Venice to Paris to Geneva (Bracha?)


Module 501: Patent Litigation in the United States

Module 502: Multijurisdictional Patent Litigation

Module 503: Business Strategy